Enjoying meals 350 days in a year
We supply meals not just on weekdays, but also on weekends and holidays.
(Excluding March 20 to April 5 )

Corresponding dormitories
  • Dormitory Hibarigaoka
  • Residence Sakura
  • Residence Tower Clematis
  • Residence Tower Higashifushimi
  • Residence Higashifushimi
  • Square Saginomiya

You can eat according to your lifestyle

Flexible mealtime
Because there is a system for storing food, you can enjoy the breakfast from 7am to 11am, the dinner from 7pm to 11pm. Even if you get back home late, you won’t miss your meals.
Breakfast 7:00~11:00
Dinner 18:00~23:00

In-house nutritionists plan each meal to keep you healthy.

Balanced dietary plan by our nutritionists and strict food safety control to ensure provided meals to be healthy while delicious.

You can check out the daily menu on our homepage or blog.