Pack your luggage to start your new life in Tokyo
Furniture and electrical household appliances necessary for daily life are installed in the room. So you can start to live from the day when you moved in. ※The furniture/ facilities may have slight differences between rooms. ※Television will be rented for free. (Only terrestrial wave will be offered.)

Floor plan

Studio type

Include a bathtub, toilet and small kitchen.

mini kitchen

Room type

Make the room feel larger.

Rooms are provided with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

Clean and convenient facilities are in place.

  • Conveniently available laundry

    Conveniently available laundry

    Appearance is important any time. We are equipped with dryer, so it is safe even on rainy days.
  • Clean Washlet

    Clean washlet

    Every dormitory has comfortable washlets.
  • Enjoy the public bath

    Enjoy the public bath

    When you feel tired, please take your time and enjoy the public bath.
  • Eating tasty food together

    Eating tasty food together

    Our clean and bright dining room allows you to comfortably communicate with others while enjoying delicious meals.
  • Coin shower which can be used at any time.

    Coin shower which can be used at any time.

    You can use it whenever you want.